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What can I say? Dr. Joe Vitale has done it again! Or has he?

Well, what he has done yet again is amaze me but make no mistake, he's never done anything like "The Awakening Course."

I had been in search for resources that enabled people to achieve true happiness for along time but all I was coming across were things that focused on something specific. And that's fine; provided you know exactly what you want to focus on.

The problem however, is many people wind up outright wasting their hard earned money on products they "think" they need that actually wind up not benefiting them in any way whatsoever.

You see, there are thousands of resources out there that enable us to fuel our progressive enhancement but in reality, if you really want to benefit from them, the key is to figure out what is driving you toward them.

Why is it that you feel you need to improve this area of your life? What you'll find is that it all boils down to happiness.

Self improvement, personal development, progressive enhancement, bettering one's self; whatever you choose to call it, it's simply an attempt to do something because you think it will make your life better which will result in more happiness.

So for a moment, think about what true happiness means to you.

What is it that you want out of life that would truly make you happy?

For most people it's health, wealth, fulfilling their life purpose, and of course finding a soul mate.

Knowing all of this, Joe Vitale has put together what I would consider to be one of the best (if not the best) resources available on achieving complete happiness in all of these areas.

Here's what's included in this outstanding package:

  • Five "Awakening" audio presentations taking you through the four stages of Awakening and more.

  • "The Awakening Course" Live 45-minute video seminar containing the one and only presentation Joe has ever given on Awakening.

  • An "Inspired Action Guide" which is truly magical - where you'll be guided through all four stages of awakening through some very intense, effective and fun exercises guaranteed to get you to where you want to go in every area of your life. Complete mind, body and spiritual transformation guaranteed.

And let's not forget the special audio presentation (you can't get anywhere else) called...

"The Awakened Millionaire"

"The Awakened Millionaire" contains a stirring interview with Joe Vitale and Peter Wink, his VP of Marketing.

After listening to "The Awakened Millionaire," you'll know...

- How you can change negative beliefs about money

- The process of shifting to an awakened millionaire mindset

- How you clear yourself mentally of all your money issues

- Why you need to take inspired action right away to attract money

- What the missing secret is to making the Law of Attraction work for your finances

- The first steps you need to take if you're experiencing serious money issues

- What to do first to make extra money right away

And much more?

After all, who can't use more money? In times like these, it is imperative that we learn exactly how others became financially independent without working for anyone else.

If there was ever anyone more equipped to do so, it's Dr. Joe Vitale!

Get "The Awakening Course" right now by logging onto the awakening website.

I assure you, your life will be changed!

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