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The path of progressive enhancement consists of having a positive impact on a number of areas of a person's being.

Things like visualization, goal setting, time management, use of the law of attraction, persistence and positive thinking are just a few of these key areas.

In order for us to truly achieve a success which is different for each and every one of us, it is important to first discover your passions and natural abilities.

Chances are both go hand in hand. If you're passionate about something you're usually pretty good at things relate to it.

That's why the key to an abundant life lies within enhancing areas of your life that you are:

A.) Naturally good at.

B.) Passionate about.

After all, if you spend your entire life enhancing numerous areas like the one's listed above with a mission that is all wrong, you will have basically wasted your time entirely.

Here's a quick example. Let's say your dream is to be a professional baseball player. You love baseball and everything about it. You can play and watch it for hours or even days and not even know where the time went.

Baseball is nourishment for your soul. Your mind however, has been conditioned through family, media, society, etc. that earning a living as a baseball player is nearly impossible and in most cases is a waste of time as for the millions of people who attempt to become professional players, only a handful actually make it.

This thought concept in essence sends a message to your subconscious which says “Baseball is not for you and therefore the universe shall not provide any opportunities or resources for you to achieve a life built around playing baseball”.

And so you wander through life trying to become good at other things that seem “more realistic” yet you keep bumping into walls and can't figure out why.

Now the obvious answer to this scenario is to figure out your passion at a young age and pursue it. And in a perfect world, that is what would happen.

But in case you haven't noticed, the world isn't perfect and sometimes we need a little extra help.

Here's what I can tell you. I know the key areas that need attention when it comes to self-improvement.

And I also know which techniques are most effective. Beyond Binaural by Paul Kleinmeulman tops the list of effective resources using binaural beats.

It truly stands alone simply because it is more than just binaural. The implementation of positive subliminal messages and self balancing music make this product a step above the rest.

Here's a snapshot of what just a few of the audio's have to offer:

Beyond Binaural Audio #6 - "Super Memory Booster"

This audio was especially designed to help you to remember better. (Valued at $29.95 )

Beyond Binaural Audio #7 - "Relationship Harmonizer"

Relationship Harmonizer" was especially designed so that you can have better harmony in your office, in your family, in your marriage. (Valued at $29.95)

Beyond Binaural Audio #8 - "Easy Weight Loss"

Designed for every day use this audio will help you to lose weight, to break bad eating habits and to start good habits such as healthy, sensible eating and exercise. 100% safe. 100% natural. (Valued at $29.95 )

Beyond Binaural Audio #9 - "Bad Habit Breaker"

This audio is especially to destroy bad habits (any kind of bad habit) and will help you to "re-train" specific aspects of your brain. (Valued at $29.95)

Beyond Binaural Audio #10 - "Appreciating Yourself"

If you want to appreciate your strengths more and stop putting yourself down then this audio is for you. Live life to the full. (Valued at $29.95 )

Beyond Binaural Audio #11 - "Become Who You Want"

"Becoming Who You Want" is a positive uplifting audio designed to be listened to in the morning, it will help you to have more confidence in your life and in your decisions. (Valued at $29.95)

Beyond Binaural stands alone as my number one recommendation for binaural self-improvement.

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