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Posted by Better Living With Hypnosis

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For years, I have known about the power of brainwave entrainment and the life-changing benefits it can bring.

I have tried a few other programs but my successes with them were always short lived. I would begin using a program and start feeling better but it would only last a few days. To be honest, I think most of what I was feeling was a placebo effect.

This topic, which has been researched for years among many experts, always fascinated me however and I was determined to see if these principles truly worked.

When I discovered Morry Zelcovitch and heard his story, I immediately became interested in what he had to say.

For 15 years, Morry studied and researched the science of brain wave entrainment and was determined to know why most programs on the market provided short lives results.

During his quest to find the answers, he contacted the manufactures of many of the products out there (including a few that I tried) but no one was interested in speaking with him.

Like most great entrepreneurs, Morry had a problem that he wanted to solve and was determined to find a solution.

What he did was wind up creating the most powerful and perhaps one of the only effective programs available in brain wave entrainment titled, "Quantum Mind Power".

And how is Quantum Mind Power with TMM (The Morry Method) different from the other brain products?

  • You don’t need headphones (but they will increase the effectiveness of the recordings by quite a bit)

  • You experience a much larger CER (cortical evoked response) This means you get a larger impression on the brain and thus much faster and more effective results.

  • The frequencies are harmonically related (like all the related C notes on a piano scale from low to higher keys.) – Recent research suggests that entrainment is even deeper when this is the case.

  • TMM uses a proprietary methodology. Note that I cannot reveal all the details as our competition would just love to get their hands on this. But rest assured that TMM is both effective and safe.

  • A much more powerful entrainment effect backed up by solid scientific testing and research.

  • You get instant download of the audio products so you have no need to wait on receiving these in the mail (saves on shipping charges.)

  • In addition to all these great benefits we are the only source offering 6 variations of tones (pitch - low to high) and 2 stimulation types - monaural and isochronic. You can therefore choose the tones that are most attractive to you. I've found that the more our customers find the tones pleasing to the ear, the better the results.

If you want results that will enrich your life and are anything but short lived, owning Quantum Mind Power is essential.

Quantum Mind Power will work for anyone but it is especially perfect for those who use hypnotherapy to enhance their level of personal development, as many of the principles are similar.

In just 30 minutes a day, you can tap into the mind states that will propel you toward a better life in every aspect.

But don’t take my word for it. Log onto the Quantum Mind Power website and see for yourself.

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